O-Shot "I Call the Shots" Starter Pack

O-Shot "I Call the Shots" Starter Pack - O-Shot Women

O-Shot "I Call the Shots" Starter Pack

You call the shots when it comes to taking charge of your sexual and intimate health. That’s why we created the ultimate female wellness bundle with our bestselling Arousal Oil, CBD Libido Supplement, and Synbiotic Balance. 

O-Shot Women Arousal Oil: An all-natural arousal oil developed with a unique blend of botanicals, including hemp CBD and natural (MCT) coconut oil. This 100% edible (and delicious) arousal oil heightens sensations, provides gentle tingling sensations, and enhanced lubrication for more intense orgasms. (1 fl oz / 20 mg CBD per bottle)

O-Shot Women CBD Libido Supplement: An all-natural libido enhancer made just for women to help balance mood, libido, and energy levels. This daily-use formula is infused with hemp-derived CBD, ashwagandha and maca root to help stabilize your mood (because a relaxed mind = better sex). (take daily, 60 softgels)

O-Shot Women Synbiotic Balance: Synbiotic Balance is a probiotic + prebiotic made just for us ladies to support our gut, vaginal pH and urinary tract health. Infused with a powerful cranberry extract and developed with 6 clinically proven probiotic strains. It will help you feel balanced and beat bloat fast! (take daily, 30 vegetarian capsules)

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Think of it like friends with benefits. Using CBD combined with other sex-enhancing ingredients can boost your best sex cycle by encouraging blissful relaxation, stimulating endorphins and increasing blood flow. So, whether you're in full-on foreplay or prepping for the main event, O-Shot CBD products may be just what your body needs to experience more sexual satisfaction. Indulge yourself and give it a shot! (you can thank us later).