The Friend
with Benefits


Trusted with Your Most
Intimate Moments

Think of it like friends with benefits. Using CBD combined with other sex-enhancing ingredients can boost your best sex cycle by encouraging blissful relaxation, stimulating endorphins and increasing blood flow. So, whether you're in full-on foreplay or prepping for the main event, O-Shot CBD products may be just what your body needs to experience more sexual satisfaction. Indulge yourself and give it a shot! (you can thank us later).


CBD can be used as a natural aphrodisiac in many ways. Instead of having a few drinks to unwind, CBD can help you relax and feel sexy without the dreaded hangover.

Sexual Pleasure

CBD, especially when combined with lubricants can help reduce inflammation and discomfort from dryness, making sex a whole lot more enjoyable!


CBD can help circulate blood flow to your intimate areas, which can enhance sensations making it easier to reach the big-o.

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