O-Shot Women
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Take charge of your pleasure with luxurious, CBD infused sexual wellness products

Developed for women,
by women.

Developed for women, by women.

O-Shot CBD products are designed to boost your mood, libido, and sexual pleasure. We use natural, non-toxic, good for you ingredients that your body (and intimate areas) will love!

No Parabens

Relax knowing there are
no parabens or glycerin in


Contains zero chemical
preservatives so you can feel
good using on your lady parts

Natural Ingredients

Contains organic coconut oil,
eight botanicals and CBD for
enhanced sexual pleasure

"Just had the best
sex ever, thanks to

Karen | O-Shot Customer

"Works well, quality
ingredients, happy to
have a product
with women in mind!"

Nicki | O-Shot Customer

"Smells so good,
puts me and
my husband right
in the mood!"


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